The rules of staying in the hotel

Estimated time

The hotel works on a 24-hours basis

Check-in from 16.00, check-out at 14.00

If you want to stay in the hotel a little longer, contact your administrator and you will be drawn hourly, daily or extended stay (subject to availability). There is also a service «early arrival».

Payment for accommodation and other services is in cash in rubles. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment cards and checks for payment.

Ironing — the hotel has a special place for ironing, where you can use an iron and ironing board.

Hair dryer — if you need a hair dryer, contact the administrator.

Air conditioning — all accommodation facilities (rooms in the main building, blockhouses, «Pink house», a cottage), as well as a hall in the main building of the hotel are equipped with split-systems.

Cellular services – you can recharge your mobile account via the terminals installed in the hall of the main building (all year round), and near the «Round Bar» on the bank of the river (in summer).

Pets — unfortunately pets are not allowed to be in the hotel and in its territory for safety reasons, first of all, for safety of your children.

Mains voltage in the hotel is 200V.

Security and emergency situations — the main building of the hotel is built in compliance with the strictest fire safety and the use of the most modern fire protection systems. On all floors, in corridors and other public places fire detectors, fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems are set.

All windows of the accommodation facilities are equipped with mosquito nets.

We take special attention to the safety of our guests.

The order in the territory of the hotel is kept by security service on a 24-hour basis.

Fire prevention in the rooms, blockhouses, «Pink house», cottage and in the territory of the hotel

To ensure safety both yourself and the other residents, we ask that you:

  • Do not smoke in bed, do not throw content of ashtrays in the trash can, do not use electrical appliances, be careful when using matches;
  • Do not build a fire and use your own outdoor grill! There are special places for these purposes.

In case of fire, immediately contact the administrator!