Recreation and Entertainment

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The territory of the hotel
The territory of the country hotel “Put k sebe” is a wide range of activities for you!
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Sauna with indoor swimming pool
Sauna with a big and deep swimming pool is situated on the first floor of the hotel main building. It is open all year round!
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Sauna with outdoor heated swimming pool
Sauna house with outdoor heated swimming pool is a perfect variant for having a rest with your friends and relatives both in summer and in winter!
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Bicycle hire
Bicycle hire is located near the main building of the hotel.
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Ski hire
In winter we have cross-country ski hire.
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Do you like active leaisure? We offer to play billiard!
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Table tennis
Do you like outdoor activity? We offer you to play table tennis!
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Children playground
Children playground is located near “Pink house” and the cottage in the shadow of trees.
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Recreational area
Here you can learn about all the places for having a rest and making barbecue.
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Beach territory
Enjoy your rest away from city fuss, dust and heat! Plunge into the atmosphere of unity with nature!
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Do you want to have a private and comfortable rest? Now you have such an opportunity!
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Volleyball courts and football field
There are 2 volleyball courts and a football field in the hotel “Put k sebe” and in the territory of the beach.
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Russian sauna
Have a rest in our Russian sauna, and all your troubles and illness will disappear for a long time!
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Boats and catamarans hire
How great it is to have a ride in a boat or catamaran!
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Summerhouses and tents
Here you will learn about all variants of comfortable rest with your company.
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Children playground on the beach
Your children won’t be bored on the beach!
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The second glade
The biggest part of “The second glade” is located on the bank of the river. It is an ideal variant for outdoor activities!
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A stage and seat for spaectators
A perfect variant for holding cultural events, trainings, concerts, etc. in warm season!
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Bicycle path
Those who like active way of life can take bike rides along the river!
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