Summerhouses and tents

Summerhouses with sofas

There are 4 dark green summerhouses with mosquito net on the beach. Inside you can find 2 sofas and a table. It is a good variant for having a rest with friends and your kids.

Summerhouse rent – 1000 rubles/day.




 Banquet tents

You can organize a corporate or family holiday in the fresh air yourselves!

At your disposal on “The second glade” there are 2 banquet tents (near and distant) with capacity of up to 30 people, where nobody will disturb you. By the near tent you can find outdoor grill.

Banquet tent rent – 10000 rubles/day.



Summerhouses for having a rest and making barbecue

On “The second glade” you can find 3 separate summerhouses with capacity of up to 6 people. Every summerhouse is equipped with outdoor grill and piped water for fruits and vegetables washing.

Summerhouse rent – 3000 rubles/day



 Also in our hotel you can order meat and coal for outdoors grill (please, specify it by phone in advance or contact bar «Bereg».